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7th August 1932 Birthday of ABEBE BIKILA, Olympic Marathon Champion

Abebe Bikila was a well-known Olympic marathon champion who participated in 15 marathons, winning 12 of them. His successes and wins made him one of the greatest marathoners in the world. He is also the first man to win Olympics marathon twice and the first black man from Ethiopia to win an Olympics medal. He also participated in International Paraplegic Games in Norway as a paraplegic after facing a car accident. The story of his life was a source of inspiration for many people.

Abebe Bikila was the first African to win the Olympic marathon gold medal and is known as the first athlete to win two Olympic gold medals in marathon.

He participated in fifteen marathons in his lifetime including the Olympics and Ethiopian marathons.

Olympic gold medal in 1960 Rome Summer Games.

A second Olympics gold medal in the 1964Tokyo Olympics.

Winner of many other marathons including the marathon in Kosice, Zarauz, South Korea, Otsu and the 20,000 meters marathon in Copenhagen.

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