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5th August 1930 Birthday of NEIL ALDEN ARMSTRONG, The First Man On The Moon

History was created when Armstrong put his left foot on the surface of Moon, thus becoming the first ever man to place his foot on someplace other than the Earth. He was and for centuries to come, will be regarded as the greatest American hero who created a landmark moment in human history. Trained as an aeronautical engineer, he soon took to being a test pilot and served as the same for a number of years before being selected as an astronaut.

With his appointment as an astronaut, he became NASA’s first civilian to fly in space. However, the most spectacular achievement of his life was undertaking the Apollo 11 mission, which was the first manned mission to Moon. He became the first man ever to walk on the Moon surface, which lasted for a little over two hours.

He was conferred with many prestigious awards including Presidential Medal of Freedom, Congressional Space Medal of Honor, Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy, Sylvanus Thayer Award and Collier Trophy from the National Aeronautics Association.

Furthermore, he received the Congressional Gold Medal, NASA Distinguished Service Medal, Langley Gold Medal, American Astronautical Society Flight Achievement Award and the John J. Montgomery Award

He was inducted in the Aerospace Walk of Honor and the United States Astronaut Hall of Fame.

An asteroid in space and a lunar crater has been named after him. Furthermore, several schools, institutions, streets, buildings, airports and public squares across the globe have been named after him.

He received the 2013 General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award from the Space Foundation.

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