The September Issue of The Karachi Review is dedicated to ARMED FORCES OF PAKISTAN.

25th August 1934 Birthday of AKBAR HASHEMI RAFSANJANI, President of Iran

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is one of the great political leaders produced by Iran. Born in a family of farmers, Rafsanjani was rational in his thought since a very young age. Unlike his other contemporaries, Rafsanjani was a man who believed that Iran should maintain good relations with the West, especially the United States, and neighbouring countries. During his tenure, Rafsanjani tried making Iran a hub for international business activities by introducing various economic reforms. Though he wanted to bring a significant change in Iran, his ideas were not welcomed by all sections of the Iranian society. This also led to his temporary eviction from power, however, he soon resumed the office. Rafsanjani also played a great role in Iran’s nuclear development program.

One of Rafsanjani’s great contributions to Iran during his tenure as the President, was the introduction of various domestic policies. These policies paved way for free trading, and more interaction with Western countries. Rafsanjani also stressed that universities needed to collaborate with industries to create better job opportunities.

Rafsanjani always wanted to maintain great relations with other nations. He also helped a war-torn Iraq out of its crisis by sending loads of medicine and food for the refugees. However, he failed to impress nations like the United States.

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