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21st August 1986 Birthday of USIAN BOLT, One of the Fastest Man on Earth

Usain Bolt is a living legend who is known for his path-breaking efforts in track events. Usain, who first rose to popularity as an extraordinary runner while at school, has now become a great icon due to his stellar performances at several world events. During his early days as a runner, he didn’t really believe in his abilities and was quite laid back with his approach towards the sports. However, over the years, the many coaches with whom he teamed up with, shaped him into a great runner. This talented athlete’s career suffered a setback when his dreams of performing at the ‘2004 Summer Olympics’ crashed. However, Bolt fought tooth and nail and made a comeback with outstanding performances later.

Bolt received his first honour in the form of a silver medal in 2001, during one of the championships he had participated in school. He also won another silver medal at the ‘CARIFTA Games’ held the same year.

In the ‘2002 World Junior Championships’, he secured the gold-medal, becoming the youngest person to win the honour.

He bagged four medals in the CARIFTA games held in 2003, which was considered to be an incredible feat.

His phenomenal performance in the 100m event of the ‘2008 Summer Olympics’ helped Bolt receive his first gold medal.

He won another gold medal in the ‘World Championships’ event held in 2009.

His winning spree at the Olympics continued again in 2012, when he won a gold medal yet again.

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