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16th August 1958 Birthday of MADONNA, American Singer, Song Writer and Actress

Madonna, often addressed as the ‘Queen of Pop’, is one of the most popular international artists. She was born into a Catholic family and her mother was a staunch follower of her religion. After the demise of her mother, and her father’s remarriage, Madonna went through a radical change and turned into a rebel. She had an affinity towards dancing and dropped out of college to pursue a career in dancing. In a pursuit to chase her dream, she moved to New York. Life was not easy for her in New York, and to survive she had to engage in many odd jobs, which also included being a waitress and nude modelling. At the same time, she also carried on her dance training and participated in bands. Soon her talent got noticed and she got her first solo contract.

Her album ‘True Blue’ was immensely successful containing the songs ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, ‘Live to Tell’ and ‘Open Your Heart’ which topped the ‘Billboard Hot 100’ list. The album was placed on top of the charts in more than 28 countries.

Her compilation album ‘The Immaculate Collection’ became a hit and earned her a place in the history of music by registering as the ‘best-selling compilation album by a solo artist’.

In 1989, she was awarded with the ‘Artist of the Decade: Mega Artist’ by MTV.

This artist has been the recipient of several eminent awards for her singing as well as her acting. Her first ‘Grammy Awards’ was in the year 1992, for the ‘Blond Ambition world Tour Live’ in the ‘Best Music Video, Long Form’ category. This was followed by six more ‘Grammy Awards’ for her works ‘Ray of Light’, ‘Beautiful Strangers’, ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ and ‘The Confession Tour’.

During 1996-2012, this talented artist has been credited with eleven ‘Guinness World Records’ in categories such as ‘Highest grossing music tour per concert by a female artist’, ‘Highest paid female singer on the planet’, ‘Most Number-one Albums in the UK charts’, ‘Largest TV audience Super Bowl in history’.

She has been the recipient of the ‘Juno Awards’ twice for the song ‘Vogue’ and her album ‘True Blue’.

In 2006, the ‘TRL Awards’ presented her with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. Two years later, this artist was inducted into the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’.

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