The September Issue of The Karachi Review is dedicated to ARMED FORCES OF PAKISTAN.

15th August 1769 Birthday of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, French Revolutionary Military and Political Leader

The latter years of the French Revolution saw the emergence of a man who played a quintessential role in shaping the future of France – Napoleon Bonaparte. Born as Napoleone Buonapart, he made a huge impact and is considered one of the most famed military and political leaders. During his time, he not only served as the first Consul but even became the first monarch of France to bear the title of the Emperor. What distinguished him from his contemporaries was his techniques that made him win over battles even against enemies who were numerically superior to him. Due to this, he is often regarded as the greatest military commander of all time.

He served as the first Consul of France and was later became the Emperor of France. During his time, he brought about major reforms in the country, such as introduction of higher education, establishment centralized government, foundation of Bank of France, tax code, road and sewer systems. He reworked the laws of France which is why his civil code was known as Napoleonic Code

The royal decoration Legion of Honor was instituted by him to honour people with civilian and military achievements. Till date, it serves as the highest decoration of France.

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