The September Issue of The Karachi Review is dedicated to ARMED FORCES OF PAKISTAN.

11th August 1943 Birthday of PERVEZ MUSHARRAF, Military and Political Leader

Pervez Musharraf is one of the most controversial political figures of Pakistan. He usurped the power through a coup wherein he dethroned the elected prime minister Nawaz Sharif. Known as the hard taskmaster, his rule quite often has earned mixed reviews from the public. He revived the country’s economy, reduced the foreign debt and drastically brought down the poverty levels taking the country on road to prosperity and growth. He also gave freedom to the broadcast and digital media which witnessed immense growth and evolution. However, these policies did not go well with the fundamentalists who criticized his rule. Also, it was his alleged involvement in the Kargil war, Lal Masjid attack and assassination of former PPP leader Benazir Bhutto that attracted immense criticism and disapproval. What is interesting to note is that this four star general and politician made his way to the top position of the country by being a military leader.

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